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    SBSS’s ROV Sea Lion III represents the cutting edge in subsea trenching technology, achieving the ultimate balance between high power and maneuverability. This high performance machine is designed to address the most challenging industrial applications of repair, post-lay inspection and deep trenching duties of up to 3m burial with a designed working depth of 2,500m.

    With a power rating of 600hp combined with the new generation Intelligent Power Control (i-Power), the advanced power distribution system allows a significantly higher flow rate with more power diverted towards trenching and burial performance as and when required. The Sea Lion III meets the growing customer demand across SBSS’s markets of Telecoms, Power and Oil & Gas to ensure adequate protection of the product throughout it’s lifecycle.

    Key Features:
    - Intelligent Power Control – More power & efficiency diverted to burial performance
    - Excellent trenching performance and maneuverability
    - Hydrodynamic design with high power thrusters to allow operations in 3 knots current
    - Latest High Flow design with 2m and 3m jet tools for burial
    - Adjustable width jet tools to handle a wide range of products from cables up to repeaters and pipelines
    - Advanced cable depressor system with sensors for accurate and controlled burial and reporting
    - Integrated cable recovery system for flexibility in use and speed of cable repair

      Free Fly Tracked
    Length 6.5m 6.5m
    Width 3.7m 5.2m
    Height 3.1m 3.1m
    Weight (in air) 17,250kg 18,400kg
    Dive Depth 5-2,500m

    6 x Curvetech HTE500 Horizontal thrusters
    4 x Curvetech HTE500 Vertical thrusters

    Speed Free Fly Tracked
    Fwd / Aft 3.0knots 1.1knots
    Lateral 2.0knots -
    Power Requirement 440 Volts AC, 3 Phase 60Hz, 1250A
    Jetting Power

    Water flow at 5bar up to 2000m3 /hr (two pumps) at 400kw in tracks configuration
    Water flow at 4.2bar up to 1500m3 /hr (two pumps) at 350kw in free fly configuration

    Depth of Burial  Up to 3m (cable)
      Up to 2m (pipeline)


    Optimized for 0 to 150kpa
    Burial Speed Up to 600m/hr
    Product Burial Size Up to 150mm (Cable)
                                                               180mm to 380mm (Repeater/Joints)
      Up to 300mm (Pipeline)  
    Video Equipment

    4 x Kongsberg OE14-367 NTSC Color Zoom Camera
    1 x Kongsberg OE13-125 NTSC BIT (Black Illuminated & Thinned) Camera
    1 x Kongsberg OE14-377 NTSC Mini color Camera

    Pan & Tilt 4 x Kongsberg OE 10-102 Elec Pan/Tilt unit
    1 x Kongsberg OE 10-103 Elec Rotator unit
     Sonar 1 x Tritech Super Seaking OA Sonar

    Cable Location System

    TSS 440 and 350 dual track system
    Altimeter 1 x Tritech Altimeter PA500
    Lighting Up to 10 x 4500m DSPL Multi-Sealite 3 Halogen Lamps 250 W (with dimming control)
    Acoustic Positioning 2 x AAE Midi Beacon, model 949
     Gyro 1 x Tritech iGC/iFG fibre optic gyro

    Two Schilling Orion 7 functions arms

    Cable Cutter NHS HCV-100 (cable & umbilical)
    Cable Gripper PSSL TA17

    Cable Grapnel Kit

    Fitted to 2m or 3m jet tool with cutting function
    Dredge Tool 2m/ 3m Twin legs
    Twin forward jet device
    Hand jet tool
    Depressor 2m & 3m depressor hydraulically actuated with position feedback and 3 cable detector sensors
     Gyro 1 x Tritech iGC/iFG fibre optic gyro
    Launch and Recovery system

    Umbilical winch, A frame and dual 110kw hydraulic power unit

    Working Van

    One 20’contral van, one 10’ power van,one 20’ spares van and one 20’ workshop

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    • ROV Sea Lion III
    • ROV Sea Lion I & II
    • Hi - Plough
    • ROV Predator

    The subsea equipment ROV Sea Lion  (Remotely Operated Vehicle) were manufactured by Perry Tritech Inc. to support submarine cable activities. The vehicles are able to provide submarine cable repair and post-lay inspection and burial services, with the maximum working depth of 2,500m.

    Already powerful units at 200HP, Sea Lion I and Sea Lion II pack an even bigger punch on a superior power to weight ratio achieved through engineering innovations. Easily mobilised and deployed from traditional cable ships or ships of opportunity, Sea Lion can work in either free fly or tracked mode and provides flexibility, as well as reliability .

    Sea Lion have carried out extensive burial works on many international cable networks, for example SMW3, China-US, APCN2 etc. They also provide cable maintenance services to the Yokohama Cable Maintenance Agreement.

      Free Fly Tracked
    Length 3.22m 3.22m
    Width 2.23m 2.94m
    Height 2.51m 2.92m
    Weight(in air) 5,700kg 6,550kg
    Dive depth 2,500m
    Payload 500kg
    Propulsion 6 x 12”Horizontal thrusters & 4 x 12” vertical thrusters
    Speed Free Fly Tracked
    Fwd/Aft 2.6knots 1.0knots
    Lateral 2.0knots -
    Power Requirement Maximum of  500kw, 380-480v, 60hz, 3 phase
    Telemetry Pentium processor
    Umbilical Double armored with 6 single mode fibre optic channels, 3,300m length
    Heading Control Manual or automatic +/-1degree
    Pitch Control Manual or automatic to +/-2 to +/-6 degree
    Depth Control Automatic to +/-30cm over entire range
    Video equipment One SIT , one black & white, four color cameras
    Pan & tilt Three PT2712 units and one tilt unit
    Sonar Mesotech 900d with 1071 upgraded head
    Cable location system TSS 440 and 350 dual track system
    Altimeter Kongsberg Simrad 807 Echo Sounder
    Lighting Twelve infinitely variable light rated at 250w each
    Vehicle locator system Simrad HPR
    Burial tool Optimized for 0 to 50kpa
    Depth of burial 1.5m
    Burial speed Free fly 100m/hr,tracked 200m/hr at 30kpa
    Manipulators Two Schilling Orion 7 functions arms
    Cable cutter Webbtool Hcv-100
    Cable gripper Slingby Engineering Ta-0017
    Dredge tool 1m & 1.5m jetting tool
    Dredge depth 1.5m
    Product burial size Jetting leg size 360mm
    Launch and recovery system Dynacon umbilical winch, Dynacon A-frame and Dynacon dual 100HP hydraulic power unit
    Working van One 20’contral van, one 20’spares van and one 20'' workshop
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    • ROV Sea Lion III
    • ROV Sea Lion I & II
    • Hi - Plough
    • ROV Predator

    The Hi-plough is an advanced subsea cable operation equipment, which can achieve up to 3m burial depth with simultaneous lay and burial of cable. In 2010, SBSS together with UK subsea engineering company SMD made extensive development to the tool to enhance its overall burial performance.

    The latest development includes a 3m extended passive share and an enhanced forward sword for optimized burial performance. The width of the skid has been extended as well for improved stability in various seabed conditions. This development is a world’s first for this type of plough tool and it serves in restoring SBSS leadership in burial technology, while offering the industry a proven solution in cable protection.

    The Hi-plough has three different configurations – 2.2m passive share, 3m passive share and 3.25m injector share respectively. Equipped with powerful submersible water jetting packages, Hi-plough is able to bury cables of varied types including telecommunication cable, power cable and umbilical cable to up to 3m depth in hard compacted soil sediments in a controlled mode.

      Conventional       Injecting/Jetting
    Length 10.3m 10.3m
    Width    5.1m 5.1m
    Height   4.7m 7.5m
    Weight(In Air) 19,500kg 24,500kg
    Dive Depth 2,000m 200m
    Maximum tow force 80 tonnes 20 tonnes (up to 3.25m deep)
    Power Requirement 80 kw 610 kw
    Cable Size 150mm (maximum diameter) 150mm (maximum diameter)
    Repeater Size 380mm (maximum diameter) 380mm (maximum diameter)
    Umbilical Steel armoured fibre optic control
    3,000m Length for conventional ploughing
    1,000m Length for injecting/jetting ploughing
    Video Equipment Standard subsea camera units, video recording
    Pan & Tilt     Kongsberg Simrad OE1148SS
    Sonar     Kongsberg simrad 974 (Digital)
    Altimeter      Kongsberg Simrad 807 Echo Sounder
    Lighting SOR. 24 VDC
    Conventional Ploughing 2.2m ploughing with 3m in soft seabed conditions
    Jetting Ploughing (jet assisted) 2.2 m ploughing with 3m in soft seabed conditions
    2 x 265 kw motor pump sets delivering 800m3  per hour at 12 bar.
    Injecting Ploughing (injector) 3.25m
    Jet nozzle spacing along entire injector length
    2 x 265 kw motor pump sets delivering 800m3 each at 12 bar
    Electric Motors 15 kw electric drive pump
    Working Van      One 20’control van, one 20’spares van and
    one 20’workshop, one 20’ half heights container, and one 10' power container
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    • ROV Sea Lion III
    • ROV Sea Lion I & II
    • Hi - Plough
    • ROV Predator

    Built by marine engineers with practical, hands-on fi eld experience, the Predator Inspection class ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) has been designed to function in all market sectors around the world including Oil & Gas, Military, Fisheries, Inshore Survey, Scientifi c Research, Telecommunications and Energy. Compact and portable, the Predator is easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The Predator is manufactured, brought to market, and supported by the ROV engineers and operators at SBSS,located in Shanghai .

    The Predator, a 300m rated inspection class ROV has been developed to meet the ever demanding markets for rugged and reliable underwater viewing systems. The ROV uses the latest high reliability technology designs for maximum operating effi ciency in marine operations. Reliability has always been foremost in the development of the ROV package, and with the inclusion of a network control system and a comprehensive diagnostics system, the functional design will assure continuous performance in all operations.

    ROV System Specifi cation
    Length 900mm
    Width 620mm
    Height 450mm
    Mass in air 65KG
    Depth rating 300m(Standard)   1000m(Optional)
    Payload Approx. 10kg
    Thrusters Horizontal thrusters layout 4 Thrusters in vector formation
    Vertical thrusters layout 1 Vertical thruster
    Forward speed 3.0 knots (0 knots current)
    Turning rate Approx. 120 degrees/sec
    Tether Approx. 14mm diameter multi-core up to 450m length diameter
    ROV power requirements 3kw @ 400VDC
    Camera Two (2) cameras – simultaneous operation - Up to four (4) camera selection
    Colour zoom camera selection - Fixed focus colour camera (optional)
    Low light black/white (optional) - HD colour zoom (optional)
    Hand Controller
    Main thrusters 3 Axis ROV control joystick c/w top switch
    Vertical thrusters Control dial c/w top switch
    Interface controls

    Camera selection function
    3 x ROV light intensity control dials power function
    Auto heading and depth functions
    2 x Aux functions
    2 x Accessory functions

    Surface Controller

    PC Based control system

    Integrated monitor

    Surface power unit c/w GFI and LIM

    Software Interface c/w

    Full system diagnostics page

    System configuration page

    Main / Secondary ROV interface page

    Options include


    Various additional cameras

    Additional lighting

    Laser scaling


    Manipulators and many more...

    After sale service

    Repair,Training,Spare,software update