It all started from the strategic alliance between Chinese and British telecommunications industry back to 1995.

  • 1995

    SBSS was established in Shanghai as a Joint Venture between Telecom Bureau of Ministry of Post and Telecoms of China and Great Eastern Telecommunications of the United Kingdom, positioning the company as a strategic alignment between the two countries in the submarine cable systems sector.

    SBSS owned a fleet of three including CS Fu Lai (ex- Flexiservice 3), You Dian 1 and Hong Yan 6 and delivered its first project in China-Korea Cable System, 540km cable installation between China and South Korea.

    Joint Venture Agreement Signing Ceremony
  • 1996

    SBSS installed more than 1,300km submarine cable on the Asia Pacific Cable Network(APCN), a 12,000km pan-Asia submarine cable system linking Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

    Working Onboard CS Fu Lai on APCN
  • 1997

    SBSS entered into the Yokohama Zone Maintenance Agreement and has provided maintenance and repair services to our customers for over 23 years.

    CS Fu Lai
  • 1998

    SBSS’s purpose-built depot, ideally located next to Wujing Port on the Huangpu River, was approved by China Customs. The Wujing Depot now has a total storage capacity of 3,841m³ containing 20 cable tanks, 18 of which are custom-bonded, offering our customers a strategic location to home their valuable assets.

    SBSS Wujing Depot
  • 1999

    Global Crossing Ltd took over from Great Eastern Telecommunications as the new shareholder of SBSS. Also, the company completed its first project in the US by installing 2,457km submarine cable between Alaska and Oregon for the Northstar Cable System developed by Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN).

    SBSS Attending PIOCMA Conference in Portland
  • 2000

    The year 2000 was a year of asset acquisition. The company further strengthened its fleet capability through the long-term charter of CS Fu Hai (formerly Maersk Repeater) and the purchase of newbuild cable-lay barge Fu Xing. The ST202 ROV and 3m Hi-Plough were also purchased which significantly enhanced SBSS’s portfolio of service offerings to the market.

    CS Fu Hai (formerly Maersk Repeater) Chartering Ceremony
  • 2001

    SBSS installed over 4,800km of submarine cable on APCN 2 and successfully completed 3m burial work utilizing the newly equipped Hi-Plough.

  • 2002

    SBSS engaged in a series of high-profile installation projects including China-US Rerouting, Zhoushan Six Islands Interconnector, APCN 2 and China Railcom Hainan. By the end of 2002, the company had installed over 25,000km submarine fiber optic cable worldwide.

    CS Fu Hai
  • 2003

    SBSS stepped into the O&G and Power Cable sector through collaboration with Hallin Marine and COOEC. CS Fu Lai, a DP2 multi-purpose vessel, provided pipeline trenching and the installation of 4km 15kV cable in the CNOOC Dong Fang 1-1 Gas Field.

    Dong Fang 1-1 Gas Field Installation Site
  • 2004

    SBSS reinforced its partnership with Hallin Marine in the O&G sector and successfully completed multiple diving support and pipeline trenching projects worldwide including PY#3 Flowline Repair in India, Langsa FPSO Flowline Survey in Indonesia and Lamma Gas Pipeline Crossing Pre-lay Route Survey in Hongkong. Mr.Ian Douglas, a former Managing Director of SBSS and now the CEO of Global Marine Group, was proudly awarded the “Frienship Award” by the Chinese government to honor outstanding foreign experts in China.

    Supporting PY#3 Flowline Repair in India
  • 2005

    Global Marine Systems Ltd took over as the new shareholder of SBSS. The company delivered its first project in Australia by providing post-lay inspection and burial services on the Basslink Interconnector for Pirelli.

    CS Fu Lai Sailing in front of the Sydney Opera House
  • 2006

    CS Fu Lai, SBSS’s DP2 multi-purpose vessel, completed a range of diving support work on Sakhalin-2, Russia’s first offshore gas project developed by Shell. SBSS’s offshore team proved their capability by overcoming the world’s harshest conditions in Russia’s far east.

    Sakhalin-2 Diving Support Project
  • 2007

    SBSS led the Qingdao landing and cable installation on the Trans-Pacific Express (TPE) submarine cable system, the second telecom system directly linking China and the US. In same year, SBSS reached out an agreement with Saipem Indonesia to carry out installation and burial work on 44km 15kV inter-platform cable in the BP Tangguh LNG Gas Field.

    SBSS Attended Groundbreaking Ceremony of TPE Qingdao Landing
  • 2008

    SBSS carried out submarine cable installation work on another massive submarine cable system, Asia-America Gateway (AAG), the first cable linking South East Asia directly with the USA.

    AAG Landing in Philippine
  • 2009

    Industrial Assets Management Center of China took over as the new Chinese shareholder of SBSS. The company completed its first telecom project in the Indian Ocean by installing over 4,000km of submarine cable on the India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE) system.

    IMEWE Final Release
  • 2010

    SBSS continued to build up its fleet and subsea equipment capabilities through the acquisition of the cable maintenance vessel CS Fu An (ex-Wave Mercury) and post-lay burial ROV Sealion III. The company also delivered its first high-voltage 154kV power cable installation project utilizing an innovative twin-lay solution on the Hwawon-Anjwa Interconnector project in South Korea.

    Power Cable Twin-lay in Hwawon-Anjwa Interconnector in South Korea
  • 2011

    SBSS delivered another high-profile inter-platform cable installation project in the Cili Padi Gas Field operated by Shell Malaysia. Once again, thecompany proves its capability in O&G sector by meeting the strict QHSE standards and precisely laying accuracy required.

    Shell Cili Padi Inter-platform Cable Installation
  • 2012

    China Communications Services Corporation Ltd took over as the new Chinese shareholder of SBSS. The company reached another 5-year contract extension as the service provider for Yokohama Zone and expanded its business in ROV sector through the Joint Venture Shanghai Jian Long ROV Technology Co., Ltd with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

    Bruce Neilson-Watts, a former Managing Director of SBSS, at the Opening Ceremony of Shanghai Jian Long ROV Technology Co., Ltd
  • 2013

    SBSS stepped into the Middle East O&G market through the delivery of Qatar Barzan inter-platform cable installation and trenching project. The company continuously set new records in the telecom sector and installed over 1,800km on the South-East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC).

    SJC Submarine Cable Installation
  • 2014

    SBSS powers up a number of O&G platforms in South China Sea including Enping, Huangyan, Panyu and Wenchang fields. The company also lands its first South American contract for Chacopata-Margarita Submarine Cable Interconnector in Venezuela.

    Inter-platform cable installation in Enping Field
  • 2015

    SBSS proudly celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Since establishment, the company had installed over 41,000km of submarine cable and played a key role in more than 90 projects.

    Bold Maverick Bird View
  • 2016

    SBSS’s fleet actively worked on multiple key telecom submarine cable systems including SEA-ME-WE 5 (SMW5), Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand (MCT) and SEA-US. The company also delivered the 500kV Hainan Grid Submarine Cable Route Inspection for China Southern Power Grid.

    Sunset at MCT
  • 2017

    SBSS established its first track record in the Chinese offshore wind sector by installing and burying one 23km 220kV export cable on the Jiangsu Binhai windfarm. This again proves SBSS’s exemplary operational experience from shallow water to deepsea and its clean energy commitment. The company also placed the order with SMD for the state-of-art trenching plough “HP-1500”.

    HP-1500 Plough
  • 2018

    SBSS, in consortium with cable manufacturer ZTT, successfully delivered a project awarded by Bangladesh Power Development Board to install two 15km 33kV power cables between Barabkunda and Sandwip islands. It is the first long distance submarine composite power cable project in Bangladesh and demonstrated SBSS’s commitment in supporting the “Belt and Road” initiative.

    SBSS supporting "One Belt, One Road" Initiative
  • 2019

    SBSS delivered another project for Saipem Indonesia which included the installation of 3 composite cables for Tangguh LNG Expansion, operated by BP. This is the second project awarded to SBSS by Saipem following 44km cable installation and burial for BP Tangguh LNG Gas Field in 2007. In October, SBSS co-exhibited with China Telecom Global at 2019 China Marine Economy Expo.

    BP Tangguh Expansion
  • 2020

    SBSS proudly celebrates its 25th Anniversary in business. Despite the difficulties and challenges posed by COVID-19 in 2020, SBSS has safely conducted more than 650 crew movements without interruption to our worldwide offshore operations; 6,207km of telecom system cable has been installed in 2020 by SBSS with one operation seeing cable laid to a maximum recorded water depth of 9,640m; we have also broken the previous SBSS company record for cable repairs by delivering 23 telecom repairs within a 26-week period.

    The company also restructured its fleet in 2020 through the upgrade of CS Fu Hai, retirement of CS Fu An and the long-term charter of Fu Yong 6.

    SBSS 2020 Factsheet
  • 2021

    2021 has been a remarkable year for SBSS’s offshore wind business. Fu Yong 6, our power cable installation and maintenance barge, has been shuttling along the coastline of China, conducting numerous export and inter-array cable installation works that have included Guoneng Dafeng H5, Changle A&C, Zhanjiang Xinliao and SPIC Rudong H7.

    In the telecom space, SBSS successfully delivered SCIP Phase 1, CDSCN and H2HE submarine cable installation projects. Bold Maverick expanding her telecom installation footprint to the Mediterranean Sea for PEACE Med project. We completed 18 cable repairs as part of our ongoing cable maintenance commitment.

    In 2021, SBSS acquired and converted new industry tonnage. Fu Tai will enter service in 2022, principally engaged in submarine cable maintenance works.

    PEACE Med