To tackle climate change and its negative impacts, 196 countries adopted the Paris Agreement on 12th December 2015. Being two of the committed countries, both China and the United Kingdom have launched substantial offshore wind planning since then. As a Sino-British joint venture, SBSS is dedicated to contributing to offshore clean energy development following the governmental call.

Submarine cables, both for the export and inter-array connections, are considered to be the arteries of an offshore wind farm. Since 2017, SBSS has actively engaged in over ten offshore wind export cable and inter-array cable installation projects and supported the delivery of over 3GW of electricity transmission from offshore to shore.

SBSS is proud to be part of the green transformation.

  • Proven Track Record

  • Customized Solutions

  • Chinese Expertise

  • Synergy with
    Global Marine Group

  • Pre-project Planning & Cable Installation

    60,000km unprecedented Asian track record

    Installation of export and inter-array cable

    Shore-end landing and beach works

    J-tube pull-in, cable termination and testing

  • Burial and Protection

    Proven and reliable assets deliver precision

    Trenching and post-lay inspection and burial (PLIB)

    ROV-supported burial inspection

    Customized protection solutions (sandbag, mattress, cable protection system)

  • Subsea Asset Integrity Management

    Complete services portfolio and bespoke solutions

    ROV-supported subsea asset burial depth inspection (cable, foundation, substation)

    Inspection and analysis of cable burial depth

    Scheduled and unscheduled subsea plant maintenance

  • 2017

    SBSS stepped into the offshore wind sector in 2017 and have delivered numerous significant 220kV export cable installation and burial projects.

  • 1st

    In early 2020, SBSS deployed our inspection ROV ‘Predator’ in the Dongtai windfarm to conduct the inspection of two monopile foundations and subsea J-tubes. This is the first time that ROV technology was utilized in the Chinese offshore wind O&M sector.