In a world that craves instant and clear communication, be that for voice calls, the internet, video streaming or business needs, connectivity has never been more important than it is today. The exponential growth in demand for capacity on undersea communication cables has brought with it the need for best in class service providers who can both install and maintain this critical global infrastructure.

SBSS can be trusted with your connectivity needs.

  • Integrated Services

  • State-of-the-art Assets

  • Chinese Expertise

  • Synergy with
    Global Marine Group

  • Pre-project Planning & Cable Installation

    60,000km unprecedented track record

    Permitting and route survey

    Route clearance, Pre-lay grapnel run (PLGR) and surface lay

    Shore-end landing and beach works

    Pre-laid shore end (PLSE)

    Cable and pipeline crossing

    Cable testing

  • Inspection and Protection

    Cutting-edge assets deliver precision

    Cable ploughing

    Trenching and post-lay inspection and burial (PLIB)

    Customized protection solutions

  • Maintenance and Repair

    Over 23 years' maintenance commitment in the Yokohama Zone

    Yokohama Zone maintenance service provider since 1997

    Shallow water repair capability from 5m water depth

    Cable recovery and testing to more than 6,000m water depth

  • Jointing and Cable storage

    Dedicated jointing and storage facility

    Experienced Universal Joint (UJ) and Universal Quick Joint (UQJ) teams and in-house jointer training school

    Wujing cable depot on the Huangpu river with a total storage capacity of 3,841m³

  • 38

    Our fibre optic cable installation footprint covers 38 international submarine communication systems.

  • 1997

    We have provided submarine cable maintenance services to the Yokohama Zone since 1997.

  • 6620

    In 2017, SBSS installed 6,620km of submarine fibre optic cable for the SEA-US system, which remains as the longest cable installation project in the company’s history.

  • 9720

    We have laid cable to a water depth of 9,720m within the Mariana trench for the SEA-US submarine system in 2017 and 9,607m within the Izu Ogasawara trench for the BtoBE S2 in 2020.