Since 1880, when Thomas Edison patented his first light bulb, electricity has become an essential power source in our modern life. Being in an age that pursues fossil-free transformation, the integration of the power grid is more important than ever.

SBSS is dedicated to supporting the development of the subsea power grid by bridging the power interconnector through cable installation. Over the past 10 years, we are an impetus for bringing electricity to those who live in distant islands and increasing transmission efficiency in the mainland, with a footprint covering Australia, South Korea, Venezuela, East Europe, Bangladesh and China.

SBSS strives to light the future.

  • Integrated Services

  • Customized Solutions

  • Chinese Expertise

  • Synergy with
    Global Marine Group

  • Pre-project Planning & Cable Installation

    Proven capabilities in delivering solutions for challenging projects

    Permitting and route survey

    Pre-lay grapnel run (PLGR) and surface lay

    Shore-end landing and beach works

    Cable and pipeline crossing

    Cable testing

  • Burial and Protection

    Cutting-edge assets deliver precision

    Simultaneously lay and burial of low to high voltage power cable

    Post-lay inspection and burial (PLIB)

    Customized protection solution (mattress, articulate pipe etc.)

  • Inspection and Repair

    10-Year Guardian of China Southern Grid's 500kV Power Cable

    ROV-supported burial inspection

    Shallow and deep water repair solutions

    Cable recovery and testing

    Other remedial works

  • 50

    SBSS is highly experienced in submarine power cable installation and burial with over 50 projects delivered since 2003.

  • 6

    SBSS deep-buried power cable on the Bangladesh Sandwip project to 6 metres below the sea floor. This project was the first long distance submarine composite power cable installation completed in Bangladesh.

  • 91.5

    SBSS installed power cable to a water depth of 91.5 metres on the Shell Cili-Padi project in 2011. 

  • 5

    SBSS have been contracted by China Southern Grid to deliver burial inspection services to 500kV high-voltage submarine power cables located in the South China Sea on 5 occasions over the past 10 years.