SBSS Restructures Fleet to Strengthen Submarine Capabilities

10 Nov, 2020

S.B. Submarine Systems (SBSS), Asia’s leading provider of submarine cable installation and maintenance solutions, has restructured its fleet in 2020 through the upgrade of CS Fu Hai and retirement of CS Fu An.

The vessel upgrade has included the mobilization of Sealion III, a 600 horsepower trenching ROV onboard CS Fu Hai. Work was completed in early November 2020. This is the second time that SBSS has enhanced CS Fu Hai’s submarine capabilities in recent years, as it follows the mobilization of a state-of-the-art HP-1500 cable plough with 3.3m trenching capability in 2018. SBSS is now able to offer cable installation customers a three metre integrated solution from a single platform. Simultaneous lay and deep burial and effective post-lay inspection and burial can be achieved in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

Mobilizing Sealion III onboard CS Fu Hai

2020 has also seen the retirement of CS Fu An from the SBSS fleet. The DP1 cable maintenance vessel has served the company since 2009. Incredibly, some 108 cable repairs have been successfully completed by CS Fu An over the past 10 years. Under the restructuring, the DP2 construction-class sister vessels CS Fu Hai and Bold Maverick, together with the newly delivered power cable lay barge Fu Yong 6, will be supporting the company’s continued commitment within the submarine fibre-optic and power cable sectors.

CS Fu Hai and Bold Maverick alongside SBSS Wujing Port

Mr Simon Hibberd, Managing Director of SBSS, commented, “Despite the operational complexities posed by COVID-19, 2020 has been opportune for SBSS in terms of developing the capability and effectiveness of the fleet. Our two construction vessels, CS Fu Hai and Bold Maverick, have successfully completed their out of water 5-year special surveys and have been upgraded with Ballast Water Management systems. All thrusters and main CPP’s have undergone major overhauls and new radar systems have also been installed.

CS Fu Hai, post her Sealion III upgrade, is now en route to the Philippines for her next cable installation and burial assignment whilst Bold Maverick attends to cable maintenance duties working out of Shanghai. SBSS can be relied upon for value-added service in both the submarine telecommunications and submarine power cable industry.”