CS Fu Hai Successfully Rescued 10 People Offshore Papua New Guinea

21 Feb, 2019

On the 18th December 2018, CS Fu Hai, a specialized Cable Lay Vessel owned by SBSS, rescued 10 people offshore Milne Bay province in Papua New Guinea while she was performing construction work nearby.

Captain Yebo Lu, of CS Fu Hai, received the emergency distress call from the fishing boat MV Lousianne whilst the vessel was on project duties and Captain Lu made an immediate response to rescue the boat and the 5 crew and 5 passengers onboard. The weather during the rescue was harsh but SBSS’s team successfully reached and towed the MV Lousianne back to Port Moresby after her 36-hours adrift at sea. All 10 people onboard were recovered safely.

Photo: DP2 Cable Lay Vessel “CS Fu Hai”

Captain Norman Lemeki, of MV Lousianne, explained to the local media that while they were sailing from Alotau to Port Moresby, they encountered a mechanical failure of the gearbox. He decided to drop down the stabilizer and send out a distress call. Being rescued by another vessel was their only hope.

Photo: CS Fu Hai is towing MV Lousianne back to Port Moresby

Captain Lu expressed:

“We are extremely happy and honored to bring the crew and passengers back home safely. This salvage shows SBSS’s strong commitment to social responsibility as an international offshore construction company. The success of this rescue also demonstrates SBSS’s effective teamwork across the organization and its crews’ professionalism at sea.”